Tuesday, June 3, 2008

As the quarter winds down and many of us (including all of the artists I've interviewed) prepare to move on from this wonderful place called Athens, schedules have become hectic and many seem to be filled with that "oh my god I still have so much left to do here before I leave" feeling (myself included).

With that said, it's been tough to schedule follow-up interviews in order to answer the questions that have been so kindly posted. However, I plan on continuing this posting fun even after the quarter has ended, perhaps exploring the artworld of Cleveland this summer as I serve in my internship there.

Please check back soon for more on Call and the rest, and photos of the tear down process. As for what happens to the art when it's all said and done... I smell an art sale. I'll keep everyone posted on when and where there will be sales in Athens and the surrounding area.

Update: According to Call, some of the artists have destroyed their pieces, especially in cases where the art consisted of small-scale "rooms" and stages. However, most have simply taken the pieces down "are trying to figure out what to do with them."

It's more uncommon for undergraduates to sell their work, according to Call, but if a viewer is intersted, some will put their work up for sale.

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