Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Other Voices, Other Rooms"

Hello from Cleveland!

Though certainly not thesis show related, this exhibit at the Wexner Center in Columbus should be pretty phenomenal.

The show, which opens on Sept. 13, features over 700 of Andy Warhol's prints, photographs, drawings, archival materials, objects etc., and will be exhibited in four of the museum's galleries.

And for those of you who think Columbus is lame, the Wex is the only U.S. museum to get the show- previously it was in Stockholm and Amsterdam, and while it's in Columbus there will be a simultaneous exhibit in London.

"I really believe that every generation has looked to Warhol and interpreted him in a different way depending upon the social, political and economic concerns of that particular moment. What’s amazing is that he has remained so influential over multiple decades. And, in some ways, he was so prescient about 21st century life..."
- Sherri Geldin, Director of the Wexner Center

Must-sees (in my opinion): Silver Clouds, the Factory Diaries and Robert Forster plays the Velvet Underground on Sept. 13. (8 pm in the Wexner Center Performance Space, tickets are $14).

For all the info go here.