Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Finished Product

The opening reception

After a year of hard work, Jeremy Plunkett graduate student is now Jeremy Plunkett, master of the fine arts. He passed his thesis defense just hours after completing the gallery installation in Seigfred, and though happy to be finished, it was clear from his attitude later in the evening that the defense had been stressful if not a little frustrating. In fact, I have found that this is often the case post-defense. Many of the other artists expressed frustration with the process, which involves intense questioning about things deemed by many as either extraneous or even nit-picky.

However, the end result was impressive- it made me, as an undergrad not completing a thesis, a bit envious; dozens of people turned out to support Plunkett and Liz Zacher (who shared the gallery with him), and the opportunity to display the outcome of their hard work was clearly a proud moment for both.

Plunkett’s show, titled “Pause,” will be open in the Ohio University Art Gallery until May 17.

Opening reception for Pause, Tuesday May 6

Dad’s Living Room
Charcoal on Canvas

After speaking to Assistant Director John Sabraw, Plunkett decided to move some of his drawings from their original placement. For example, this drawing was initially a focal point in the show, but was shifted toward the back of the gallery.

"Dirty Deeds Laundromat"
Charcoal on Canvas

Plunkett's grandparents' kitchen, his most recent drawing.

Nui Chaveesuk, who earned his MFA last spring, served bottle after bottle of Charles Shaw.

Update: Plunkett has recently started the process of updating his website and is considering title changes for many of his pieces. The new titles can be found on his site, as can additioanl images of his work.

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Andrea said...

Oh man Jenny, this is a great blog. My only question is, where will you go next? Are there any other shows you are going to cover? You really captured the experience of being a part of the process of putting together an art show. You did a great job of using pictures. It might be nice to see how this show compares to another show, if one comes around. Seeing another studio and the process another person goes through might be nice.