Thursday, May 8, 2008

Local Galleries

There are three galleries in and around Athens that are used for thesis exhibits: the Ohio University Art Gallery in Seigfred, Trisolini Gallery in OU's Baker Center and the Majestic galleries in Nelsonville. Below is a schedule of upcoming shows for each gallery.

Ohio University Art Gallery (Fifth floor of Seigfred Hall, Athens, Ohio)

  • May 20 - May 31: BFA Thesis Graphic Design Exhibition featuring Laura Biel, Erin Blanda, Michael Bosyj, Robin Bundi, Diane Call, Jodie Coyne, Emily DiFiore, Laura Drapac, Kyle Hanna, Abigail Hanson, Aaron Harden, Jonathan Lee, Jonggil Lee, Bridget Litzinger, Joshua Reith, Mallori Stone and Shelley Stansbery

  • June 3 - June 7: BFA Thesis Printmaking Exhibition featuring Joe Czalkiewicz, Alison Hohler, Josh Leather, Courtney Badgley, Samantha Gregory and Laura Drapac
    Reception: Tuesday, June 3, 6 - 9 pm

  • June 10-June 14: BFA Thesis Photography Exhibition featuring Paul Eselgroth, Sergey Kahn, Clinton Mansell, Crystal Marquardt, Lauren McMichael, Matthew Padgett, Mark Reamy, John Seyal and Lacie Turcott

Gallery hours: Monday-Saturday, 10-4 (free)

Trisolini Gallery (Fourth floor of Baker Center, Athens, Ohio)

  • May 13 - May 24: MFA Thesis Ceramics Exhibition featuring Hiroe Hanazono

  • May 27- May 31: BFA Thesis Painting Exhibition featuring Avery Blair-Wilson, Audrey Evans and Keith Skogstrom

  • June 3 - June 7: BFA Thesis Sculpture Exhibition featuring Monica Renner and Clint Mansell

  • June 10 - June 14: BFA Thesis Sculpture Exhibition featuring Troy Newell

Gallery Hours: Monday- Saturday, 10-4 (free)

Majestic Galleries (20 Public Square, Nelsonville, Ohio)

  • May 16 - May 24: MFA Thesis Printmaking, Photography and Sculpture Exhibition featuring Matthew Krueger, Minsook Park and Amber Walden

  • May 30 - June 28: MFA Thesis Painting Exhibition featuring William Sooter

Gallery Hours: Thursday-Saturday, 12-7, Sunday 1-5


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